Tuesday 13 November 2007

Fitted injector line heaters

Its getting cold so it was time to get the heating solution sorted out.
I have fitted a heated wire injector line system. It is basically just has wire wrapped around the metal fuel lines that run from the injector pump to the injectors themselves. We feel this is the best option as that way the fuel doesn't get a chance to cool down again by travelling through cold metal before getting to the injectors.

The system runs through a relay and is turned on and off via a dash mounted switch. Its working fine and the car is having no trouble in the cold weather. Total cost came in at about £40. We feel it runs a bit hot though so we plan to fit a thermostat on it to regulate it and make it a bit safer.

You will notice we haven't placed the heaters at the same distance away from the injectors. This is partly because we are working on a better thermostat controlled method and this can be used to test how quickly the fuel cools down again. Its not a permanent solution for us but will give us some good data. Its also partly because it made it far easier, no cutting and linking was required between pipes, one continuous heater line was used.

We are addressing the issue of the possibility of the fuel waxing in the fuel filter when below -3 degrees C. The startlingly simple and cheap solution will be posted in a few days.