As the weather was quite warm for the first croatia trip we decided not to do any major modifications. We changed the fuel filters and always carry a spare to change every few months or so. We have injector cleaner (parafin) and the tools to remove the injectors. All fuel lines have been checked and anything suspect has been changed. The new inline filter is a clear one to spot possible issues once we move over to wvo (waste vegetable oil).

Since returning from the first trip we decided to fit fuel line heaters to the 190d:-

For the second trip which was in the 300td a stewing pot was added for cooking on the move. Its basically a pressure cooker, mounted tightly to the side of the block above the hot exhaust manifold. A shield was added to reduce the cold airflow which seemed to be keeping it cold.

Modifications made for the most recent trip were mainly about comfort and increasing range. They include a 2nd battery, a 2nd fuel tank and better lighting.