The story so far....

A quick summary for those who don't want to have to pickup from the begining.

Begining of 2007
We decided to buy a mercedes 190d, run it off vegetable oil and drive across europe. Steven would buy the car and I (Kenny) would take it on its first trip.

29 MAY 2007
A car was bought and after looking into it we decided to do no modifications. It was named grease lightening !

24 August 2007
The first carbon neutral car european vacation started and went through England, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and finally Croatia. It included a tour of Istria. This was a blogging tour with posts made most days. After returning home the car was put into daily service as Steven's daily driver. I missed it and decided to buy one of my own for the next trip.

18 July 2008
The shortage of space on the first trip meant I was to buy a 300td, very similar car but an estate. I ran this as my daily driver while I planned the 2nd trip. This one was called the wagon.

15 AUGUST 2008,
The 2nd trip was a similar route, but with a third person. Same countries, much more room in the back and a few modifications made. After returning I started making plans to adapt the car to make the trips more comfortable.

June 2009
Trip number 3 was a sprint direct to zadar (in Croatia) for a music festival, then a miander back. Similar route but more towns rather than scenery. Unfortunately this was not blogged as we knew it was a bit of a rushed one and didn't want to have to worry about finding internet connections. We attended the garden festival in Zadar.

During this period both cars have been driven regularly as daily drivers, on waste vegetable oil picked up from local restaurants.