Tuesday 31 May 2011

Four years of vegetable oil motoring

It has been four years since I bought the white Mercedes 190D known as Grease Lightning.

Since then, the car has been driven, powered by vegetable oil, to
- Croatia (via Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia)
- Glastonbury festival
- Lands End, Cornwall
- Swansea
- The lake district
- Lots of other places around England

The mileage today is 156,417. In the past four years, the car has covered over 22,000 miles on 100% vegetable oil, plus a few extra miles on the rare occasions when we put some dinosaur juice in the tank. Most of vegetable oil was filtered waste oil, which is pretty good from an environmental perspective. I'm sure a previous owner ran it on vegetable oil too, so the car's total veggy mileage is probably much higher.

Not bad for a car that cost just £200!