Tuesday 29 May 2007

And so it begins !

After winning the car on ebay for £200 we picked it up on 17/05/2007. She drove home fine and flew through the MOT the very next morning without a single thing needing doing. Hurrah !

There is lots of tidying up needing doing so I have been working on the electrics and cleaning up the interior for the voyage. MP3 stereo fitted and rear 6x9 inch speakers to come soon. Main things left to do are fitting a new heater and refitting an ignition switch. I took the car for a rather soggy camping trip and the trusty 5 cyl engine never missed a beat. The solid build of these old mercs really fills me with confidence about the success of the journey. We have a lot of miles to cover but hopefully I won't even get my hands oily.. erm, well apart from the oil in the fuel tank that is :)


RaYbAnD said...
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RaYbAnD said...

I can't believe how much luck was on your side....
No Failures on the MOT must be a world record, even near new cars fail on something!

Here In Australia you buy a car for AU$500(£200), your lucky if you dont have to throw the same value to get it Roadworthy!

I look forward with great admiration and wish you both every success with this venture!

(Though i would suggest your route needs to bypass all known Petrol outlets, which will no doubt be faxed with your details, and given bounty to stop you with the use of roadside stingers and the like!!)
RaYbAnD - Queensland,Australia.

kenny said...

cheers mate, to be honest the old mercs offer incredible value for money.In the uk £200 would normally get a battered old fiesta or something, held together by rust. The 190s are getting on for 20/25 years old but still rarely have a problem. The engines are just soo solid.

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