Tuesday 22 April 2008

Bhaji power

I have asked many restaurants about their waste oil in the past. Some claim they produce little or no waste oil, some give their waste oil back to their oil supplier, and some are happy to give it to us as they normally pay for it to be taken away. Our company is a registered waste carrier and can supply all of the appropriate documentation, and we don't charge for collection.

I now have a regular, local supply of waste oil, with a touch of spice.

Thanks to the following take-aways:
Curry Leaf in Barnet, Herts
Bay Leaf in Whetstone, Herts


Unknown said...


I've been running my Elsbett converted 190D 2.5 on SVO for the last 5 years with no problems at all (apart from the constant inset of rust that I'm trying to keep at bay)..

I've now got a supply of WVO and am thinking of setting up a filter station.
How are you filtering your oil?



steven said...

Hi chillstar,

I clean up the fuel in three steps:
1) Straining
2) Settling/separating
3) Filtering

The reason for straining is so that the big bits of Onion Bhaji and other food don't clog up the filtering equipment. I strain it through an ordinary household sieve, which fits neatly into a funnel. I do it while pouring into the bottle I use for settling.

It is important to remove the water from the oil and this is done by leaving the oil to settle for a number of days/weeks and then separating off the lower layer. The oil I get doesn't have a significant quantity of water in it.

For the filtering step, I use a filter unit with a 5 micron element. That's the nominal rating, so some larger particals can get through. I use a gravity-fed system built up of plumbing parts and old plastic bottles. I'll put more details of the system on the blog another time.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the info Steven.
I've subscribed to your blog by RSS and look forward to your future posts on this.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog very much and i'm looking to do the same thing with my car. Just one question though, where do you go to obtain the "registered waste carrier" licence.
Many thanks...

steven said...

Hi Brian,

The legal aspects are covered on a separate blog (http://carbon-neutral-car-laws.blogspot.com/)

Here's the information about registering as a Waste Carrier.

If you are dealing with waste oil from other people or businesses located in England or Wales, you must register with the Environment Agency. Their website is http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/. Registering involves a fairly long form and currently costs £149 for the first three years, plus an extra £5 if you want a plastic card. The process takes about two months. Once you are registered, you can collect and use waste oil as long as you keep records and dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you are dealing with waste oil in Scotland, you need to register with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Their website is http//www.sepa.org.uk. In Northern Ireland, the appropriate body is the Hazardous Waste/TFS Section of the Land and Resource Management Unit, Environment and Heritage Service. Their phone number is 028 90569313.

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