Thursday 27 December 2012

No more twittering fan belt!

Ever since I have owned my white 190, one of the pulleys that the fan belt wraps round has been slightly wonky, causing the belt to wear and make a slight noise when the weather is dry.  On sunny days, it was a bit like a bird twittering.  A replacement part was hard to source, so I had left it like that, until a second-hand pulley came my way recently.

I needed to replace the water pump and I changed the pulley at the same time.  It is now nice and straight and if I want to hear twittering, I'll have to open the window and listen to the birds :-)

I've also recently changed the switch for the blower.  This was causing problems as without the blower, the windscreen would steam up and I couldn't see where I was going.

These kind of things are to be expected as the car is now 23 years old, and these repairs are not related to the fact I run the car on vegetable oil.

A warning light has just started coming up, showing me that I need to change the glowplugs - a job for the weekend, I think.  It will give me a chance to try out the new tool set I got for Christmas.