Wednesday 29 August 2007


We are staying in and exploring the beautifull city of salzburg. Home of mozart, quite literally every one here has one of his greatest hits as a ring tone, its a bit odd i am from harrow but i dont feel the urge to have elton john as my ring tone. We seem to have arrived in the middle of some massive event. The streets are stuffed full of beautifull people all dressed up opera style. Then us of course, the only people looking at prices on the menu. Speaking of which, we were concerned about prices in austria but its not too bad. Campsite is a couple of euro more than so far and we have been placed on a septic tank or something, stamp your foot and both tents wobble! Anyway food was 17e for a very very posh spag with chilli lobster and beers are 3e for nice white beer. Buildings stunning, photos wouldnt be a disservis so here is one of the mercedes benz shop :) the drive down into austria was a joy. Great scenery with a mountain backdrop and no speed limits for much of it. Got the car up to 108mph. on the way back i will close the roof and windows and go for 110

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