Friday 10 August 2007

Plans are starting to come together now, we have decided to get a decent amount of miles covered in the first day so we will be heading across Belgium and staying in Namur. We are contacting registered vegetable oil sellers in Belgium in order to fill up somewhere on route.

The campsite is booked and they have wifi so we should be able to upload to this blog. From there we will head across Luxembourg and into Germany, aiming to get to the black forest by the evening. Day 3 will be spent exploring the black forest and finding somewhere nice to stay for the evening. The rest is a little more vague at the moment but we should be heading down via Switzerland and into Italy where we will spend a few days near the lakes and down into Tuscany.

From there we will head across to Croatia (via Slovenia) and spend a few days there. The route home will take us up through Austria and via the Nurburgring for a quick lap (probably not that quick actually) before heading home.

We apologise to any French readers but as it is illegal in France we will not be spending much time there, and the time that we do spend will be running on biodiesel (which we prefer not to do).

If you have any information regarding the laws in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy or Luxembourg please contact us.

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