Thursday 6 September 2007

Croatian stuff

Time for some general stuff about croatia me thinks. As with a few other countries we have passed though the law is you must leave your lights on all the time. It gets really annoying when popping from campsite to campsite all next to each other but it definately makes it easier to see oncoming traffic. Another oddity is starters. Twice now we have ordered a dish from the starter section and a main course and ended up with 2 full size dishes! Last night they even all arrived together. 2 tuna steaks a large lasagna a pizza and spaghetti for just 2 people, surely they should have thought something was wrong. Also they often dont give you change, or just give partial change. Its happened in bars, restaurants and even at a toll booth. It seems the custom here. Very few campsites have any grass and most have very rocky ground. The morning sun can heat a tent up like a sauna but if you camp under a tree you will get sticky pine sap on it. And the same goes for any washing.

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steven said...

The car doesn't seem to have suffered any hail damage. That's good to see.