Monday 10 September 2007


Filling up from a pump at a normal petrol station in cologne, germany. We are on the way home here with lots of driving to do. We put in 50 litres and a further 10 in a container in the boot. It should get up home. 90c a litre and quick and painless. Well almost, the nozzle was massive and heavy. I felt like a fireman.

Posted by ShoZu


Anonymous said...

So did you get back safely?

How was the car overall? What was the best fuel for price and running of the car?

Oh, did you enjoy it?!

kenny said...


yep made it back safely. Have been recovering and arranging photos and videos since :)

The car was brilliant, not a single breakdown or scare, it took all the weather thrown at it and the steep mountain roads with ease. Its got quite a few dents on the roof from the hailstorm in Croatia, but we will deal with that later.

Price wise the veg oil was a similar price across most of Europe, about 60p a litre although Croatia was about 90p which was more than diesel. I suspect its a currency issue as Croatia uses krona where as everywhere else was euros. We didn't notice any variation in running or power on any fuels really. Both the shop bought and filtered waste oil had a similar smell and ran equally well.